Turn to 400! #3

In which I take on a self-imposed quest to write a (unofficial) Fighting Fantasy book.

It’s been roughly a week since my last update on this project, so a timely review of where I’m currently at might be beneficial.  At the very least, it’s going to be beneficial to me, because my head is now full of flow charts and paragraph ideas, and the whole concept is feeling a little muddy as a result.

Last time out I had settled on a number of things, mainly relating to the likely mechanics of the gamebook.  Alongside the standard Skill, Stamina and Luck traits, there will also be a fourth, Trust.  This will form a fundamental part of the experience, because the story will be primarily concerned with the relationship between the main character (ahem, “YOU”) and the being who accompanies them on their quest.  There will also be a set of abilities to choose from.


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Turn to 400! #2

In which I take on a self-imposed quest to write a (unofficial) Fighting Fantasy book.

In my last blog I wrote about my rediscovered desire to write a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, and to show Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone what they missed out on by not accepting any of the 50 paragraph crapfests that I never submitted in the first place.  I dug out one of those, by the way; Castle Master, an adventure that was more than a little inspired by the home computer game that shared its name.

Plagiarism.  That’s what Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone missed out on.

Anyway, a week of annual leave coinciding with a rainy day meant that I found myself with some extra hours to suss out what my adventure would be about—at the very least, what I wanted to include and what I wanted to keep from it with pointy sticks.

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Turn to 400!

Bit a departure for me, this post, in that I’m nominally talking about writing as oppose to sharing a piece of writing.  But this is something of a preamble to me writing something that will be shared, so I guess it still qualifies.

Last year I appeared on the mythical property ladder.  I’m not sure on which rung yet (it’s a ladder so I presume there’s more than one; property step sounds less impressive after all), but I’m on there so… yay? Anyway, that’s not important.  What is important is that I had to pack up all my stuff that had been collecting dust in the garage, and move it into the new garage.  And then I began to unpack it.  Yay?


As is often the case, the packing and unpacking of things is often a metaphor for the packing and unpacking of dreams and goals that were once clung to and then forgotten.  And so it was with me, as I dusted off a box and came face to face with the demons of my past.

A whole series of them.

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