Twitter Micro-Fiction #3: VSS365 Prompts #2

A few more Twitter-length stories written in response to #vss365 prompts.  For more about these prompts head over to  It’s all good fun.

The knight retreated, holding his broken arm. From the tower, Princess Mari began to sing. The dragon gazed up, accepting its payment.

Mari wondered if her suitors would realise she wasn’t a captive before her father realised she didn’t want marriage.

Prompt: Protect


When they were six they bound their hair together, knitting hazy ends with abstract dreams. Time coated the knots with grime and almost plans, wounded strands reaching for new embraces. They fought, they kissed, they pulled out their roots, noble scars lost in the wind.

Prompt: Braid


The Runaway Princess they had called her. Fate’s Coward. Easy to mock when it wasn’t theirs. A year had changed her though, revealed what would be lost. Lin held her sword and awaited the army. She would fall, but her Kingdom would triumph. A fair bargain.

Prompt: Equanimity


Brin watched the banners being replaced; the Empire’s danced proudly, those of the Resistance crumpled below. He lifted one, studied the unskilled patchwork of motifs. Stick men and women gazed back, smiles on their faces. Brin shut his eyes as he left the fort.

Prompt: Unfurl

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