Twitter Micro-Fiction #2: VSS365 Prompts

A small bunch of Twitter-length stories written in response to #vss365 prompts.  For more about these prompts head over to  It’s all good fun.

Oola glared at her grandfather’s boat until it was swallowed by the amber horizon. Her own plastic vessel drifted in the shallows beside the harbour. The captain had fallen overboard again, seaweed tangling in his fur. Oola vowed they would try again tomorrow.

Prompt: Mood

Alex was branded with a smile, the ink a joyous curve upon their arm. When they were eighteen they met Robin, on whose arm was a desperate stream of tears. The romance was unnatural, illegal; it brought sorrow to Alex and happiness to Robin. But it made them human.

Prompt: Mood

She had no name for the colours; the spaceport felt lonely. Her glands hurt and she gripped the bag she had been given. V’q said the smiles of the humans meant they were helpful, kind. She wasn’t sure. She missed her planet. She wondered if the fighting was over.

Prompt: Cosmic

Lungs like glass, Olivia watched the medal descend. It gave Nora’s neck the sun, the promise of a scholarship. Olivia’s was heavy, the mark of a race thrown. She ignored her mother’s gaze. Nora’s family cried with relief, love. She wondered what that felt like.

Prompt: Silver

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