We Go Again!

Cripes, it certainly has been a while since I last posted… well, anything on here really.  But fret not (you can lie all you want, but I just know it’s been keeping you up at night!) for change is afoot.  I had a lot going on at the tail end of last year – buying a house and the expected unexpected return of a savage period of depression being the main constraints on my time and motivation – but 2019 has pretty much seen everything start to get back into a relaxed and rosy routine.  It wasn’t therefore too much of a surprise when a hesitant tap on my front door signalled the return of a sheepish-looking muse.  After some stern words about the acceptable way in which one should take a holiday, and some stern words back around providing a conducive working environment I let her back into the house for coffee and biscuits.  And then writing stuff happened.  Yay.

I’ll be getting the ball rolling on a few writing projects moving forward, and a new story will be uploaded here this afternoon.  There will be some other bits of fiction and poetry emerging on a much more regular basis after that, as well as some more interesting asides in video game narratives (it’ll be fun, I promise) and other new additions to the site.  So yeah, to coin a cliché, big things are on the way.

Or, at least, bigger things.


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