Cut the Ribbon and Break a Bottle of Champagne!

Hello to the world beyond my world.  May I say that you’re all looking splendid at the specific single moment in time you happen to be reading this.

So, I’ve been writing for some time now, but have been somewhat reluctant to start up a website, in part because of the fear of realising that I may have evolved from I.T. student to tech-illiterate dinosaur.

But then I decided to bite the bullet.

I am a now a tech-illiterate dinosaur (stat adjustments to follow).

But at least I am tech-illiterate dinosaur with a reasonably functioning website.  I now finally have a space to store my prose and poetry where it might get a little more notice, and thus (hopefully) entertain a wider audience than the couple of strangers who occasionally look over my shoulder when I write.

So watch this space.  I’m reasonably certain my work will see you entertained, if not all nostalgic and stuff, and as it doesn’t cost you anything to keep updated I don’t have to worry about money-back guarantees.


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